Department of Computer Science    Queens College    City University of New York

CS 381.3/780: Spatio-Temporal Data Modeling and Databases

Fall 2010
Instructor: Keitaro Yukawa


Although not a prerequisite, additional background knowledge in topology, (computational) geometry, vector spaces will be a plus.

Main Topics

The course explores spatio-temporal modeling methods from perspectives of database and information-retrieval systems. Overview and motivating application domains such as location tracking/management systems, information systems for meteorology, geography/geology, space sciences and engineering. Survey of spatio-temporal modeling methods. Supporting mathematical concepts, including topology, geometry, fields, and graphs. Need for data modeling methods for topological and geometrical relations that change over time. Moving objects modeling and databases. Logical database modeling and query languages support for spatial-temporal databases. Constraint data model approach. Data structures and indexing for spatio-temporal data.

The course will be largely theory oriented; however, examples drawn from various application domains will be used to motivate theories and illustrate their uses.

Required Reading

Moving Objects Databases
R. H. Güting and M. Schneider
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2005

Grading Scheme

Midterm Exam: 35%
Final Exam: 35%
Homework Assignments: 30%